Getting Started with Power Query for Excel

PowerQuery is a game-changer in Excel. Whether you’re currently using vlookups, concatenates, pivots, or frequently updating data, this course is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

In addition to mastering PowerQuery, our course provides you with essential skills to effectively manage data in Excel. You’ll learn how to seamlessly import data into Excel, perform basic data cleaning commands, create custom columns, and perform calculations. We’ll also guide you on getting data into an Excel worksheet, as well as refreshing and changing the data source, ensuring you have full control over your data flow.

Join us to unlock the full potential of PowerQuery and equip yourself with the necessary tools to handle data like a pro in Excel. Let us show you the techniques to streamline your workflow, save time, and enhance your data analysis capabilities.

What You Will Learn In This Course

Get Data into Power Query in Excel

  • Queries & connections
  • Access queries & connections
  • Navigate Power Query Editor

Basic data cleaning commands & Applied Steps

  • Delete unnecessary columns
  • Use the Choose Columns to remove columns
  • Change order of columns
  • Change column names
  • Change data case
  • Replace values
  • Convert data types
  • Remove spaces and non-printable characters
  • The Column Profile

Sort & filter data in Power Query

  • Sort data
  • Filter data

Custom columns & calculations

  • Index columns
  • Custom columns
  • Conditional columns
  • Duplicate columns
  • Merge columns
  • Split columns

Working with the Applied Steps and adjustments

  • Use the Gear for adjustments
  • Change the step order
  • Name a step
  • Delete a step

Getting data into Excel sheet

  • Load data to the workbook
  • Disconnect data from the source

Refreshing and changing the data source

  • Refresh inside the Power Query Editor
  • Refresh the data from the sheet
  • Change the data source

This virtual training is definitely worth your time! The class starts at 9 am Central Time and the welcome starts at 8:45 am. Class guidebooks will be provided after the class. Application installation requirements will be sent prior to class.