Intermediate Power Query for Excel

Are you tired of spending valuable time hopping from one spreadsheet to another in search of the data you need for your reports? It can be frustrating and inefficient, causing unnecessary delays and potential errors. But what if there was a better way? What if you could update your data in one central place and have it automatically reflected everywhere it’s used? Imagine the time and effort you would save. Well, you’re in luck because our course is specifically designed to address these pain points and revolutionize your data management workflow.

Not only will we show you how to streamline your data updates, but we’ll also equip you with additional valuable skills. You’ll learn how to effectively duplicate and reference data sets, ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout your reports. We’ll guide you through advanced Group By techniques, allowing you to summarize and analyze your data in powerful ways. Moreover, we’ll teach you the art of merging queries, enabling you to combine data from different sources effortlessly. And to top it all off, we’ll show you how to seamlessly connect your data to Pivot Tables for dynamic and interactive analysis.

By mastering these techniques, you’ll become a data powerhouse, saving time, reducing errors, and gaining deeper insights from your data. Join us on this transformative journey and take your data handling skills to the next level. Don’t settle for manual and time-consuming processes – discover the power of automation and efficiency in our comprehensive course.

What You Will Learn In This Course

Duplicate and reference data sets

  • Duplicate data set
  • Reference data set

Load multiple data sets to the workbook

Sort data in Power Query

  • Single level sort
  • Multiple sort options

Filter data in Power Query

Group By

  • Advanced Group By statements

Append queries

  • Append from folder

Merge queries

  • Merge queries as new

Use Fill Down

  • Use Fill Down to add employee information to orders

Understand and build PivotTables

  • Connect data to a PivotTable
  • Visualize pivot data in a PivotChart
  • Slicers and timelines