The Official CompTIA Data+ Student Guide (Exam DA-001) eBook

Product Information

Pub. Date: 2022-02-28

Author: Robin E. Hunt, 
ThinkData Solutions, Inc.

ISBN: 978-1-64274-395-1

  • Student Guide for Instructor-led Training – eBook (DA0-001)
  • Study material with 100% coverage of the exam objectives
  • Includes videos and practice questions
  • Once redeemed, eBook access will be valid for 12 months

The Official CompTIA Data+ Instructor and Student Guides (DA0-001) have been developed by CompTIA for the CompTIA Data+ candidate. Rigorously evaluated to validate coverage of the CompTIA Data+ (DA0-001) exam objectives, The Official CompTIA Data+ Instructor and Student Guides teaches learners the knowledge and skills required to transform business requirements in support of data-driven decisions by mining data, manipulating data, applying basic statistical methods, and analyzing complex data sets while adhering to governance and quality standards throughout the entire data lifecycle. In addition, it will help prepare candidates to take the CompTIA Data+ certification exam.

What’s included

  • Content mapped to Data+ exam objectives (DA0-001)
  • Video demonstrations of key activities and real-world data analytics scenarios from experts’ experience
  • Practice questions that check for understanding
  • Access to the CompTIA Learning Center

Accessing the Course Materials

An access key and instructions for accessing the CompTIA Learning Center, the online platform through which the eBook and all digital materials as described above are delivered, are emailed within 3-4 hours of purchase. The eBook is provided in an interactive online version.

Access keys must be redeemed within 12 months of purchase