Think Data Solutions Inc.’s Robin Hunt to speak at TechNet Augusta 2022

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Think Data Solutions Inc.’s Robin Hunt to speak at TechNet Augusta 2022

BIRMINGHAM, AL – ThinkData Solutions Inc. is delighted to share that its founder, Robin Hunt, is set to speak at TechNet Augusta 2022 on August 17, 2022, in Augusta, Georgia.

TechNet Augusta 2022 offers attendees a chance to delve deep into the cyber domain. Supported by the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence and distinguished industry professionals, the event aims to promote communication, facilitate networking, and foster education and problem-solving. Key figures and specialists will converse on the procurement challenges encountered by the military, government, and industry in an era marked by unpredictable budgets and rapid technological innovations.

With over two decades in the field, Robin Hunt has consistently inspired individuals to approach their daily tasks with renewed enthusiasm, showcasing how a passion for data can elevate their professional lives. As the co-founder and partner of ThinkData Solutions, Inc., alongside Daniel Bishop, she urges everyone to believe in continuous personal growth. Their enterprise, a woman- and minority-owned business, not only serves the Birmingham, Alabama community but also caters to national and international audiences.

Robin and her proficient team have crafted tailor-made curricula catering to data analytics enthusiasts, laying the foundation for a promising start in data science. Her efficient, hands-on courses for Linkedin Learning, particularly "Learning Data Analytics", has been recognized as an integral part of the data analyst career learning trajectory on, a joint initiative by LinkedIn, Microsoft, and GitHub to provide complimentary skills development sessions. Through ThinkData, Robin masterfully marries her teaching prowess with her technical acumen, standing out both as a creator and an educator.

At the forthcoming TechNet Augusta, Robin will be a panelist for CompTIA. The session, titled "Fulfilling the 5 DoD Data Decrees with CompTIA Data+: Best Practices for Making Great Decisions in the Field", spans two hours and will delve into the data analytics competencies and the security protocols essential for sound decision-making in the field. This mini bootcamp aims to shed light on the CompTIA Data+ certification's various domains, offer a glimpse into a detailed 5-7 day course structure, highlight the requisite skills for data analysts, outline the analytical methodologies aligning with the DoD Five Data Directives, and elucidate how the CompTIA security pathway can be instrumental in achieving field objectives.