About ThinkData Solutions, Inc

ThinkData Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2011 by co-founders Daniel Bishop and Robin E Hunt. We wanted to build a company leveraging our unique talents as a team. We use our skills in data and programming to build solutions for our clients. 

Development Services

ThinkData's developers are “original thought” developers – we don’t just code, we create. We work with our clients to develop tools to solve their problems. The tools we develop for our clients offer them growth and problem-solving capabilities that are both scalable and practical. We create tools that capture quality data and build effective reports on that data, helping organizations make better decisions and growing more capabilitiy with their data. 

We are tools agnostic partly due to the fact our clients use some common tools and then leverage other specialized tools. In addition to being translators, practitioners, and leaders – we know that training in these skills is necessary. Luckily, training is at our core as a company. 

Corporate Training Services

We believe the ability to solve problems by working proficiently with data is one of the most valuable skills an employee can have.  Our courses teach how to wrangle unwieldy data into meaningful datasets that result in more impactful and insightful decisions. We provide in person and/or virtual training options. You can also keep our training for later. Most all of our sessions come with additional resource materials. 

Our clients like the fact that we can train them on what we build. We have found this can be invaluable to gaining adoption of the apps and reporting solutions we build. Training helps to ensure people can gain the necessary skills, will support adoption of a solution, and utilize the data tools at their disposal. We love the art of translation between business requirements and software/data design.

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