Learning Center

Learning Center

In our learning center, you can find several learning opportuntities. This can be through specific training recommendations. We may suggest videos that might cover hard and soft skills. Most of our content is focused to help you with information that can help you on your career and data skills journey. We are working to share more sample data sets, and great public data sets for you to explore. We don't mind what level of skill you start at. 

Career Essentials: Data Certificate

We are thrilled that LinkedIn Learning has made a lot of our courses on its platform free until 2025, so you can start learning here


We provide training resources that you can explore individually to determine some of your next steps as you pursue data. 

This list will you to explore our curated list of videos that if you are pursuing a technical role, or in a technical role you may find of interest.


Data people love data, right? Visit our downloads to gain insight to the data we recommend for people to consider. You can also find an occassional challenge.

Yes, sometimes we have some pretty newsworthy things to share. Want to keep us with us in that way?

Visit our Press Releases.

Public Speaking Events

We are fortunate to get asked to speak at events. There are times where these events no matter how small or large get recorded. If you want to browse the speaking events - check it out.