Development & Consulting

We love building solutions that are supporting data capture and reporting. We know that there is not software that exists for everything off the shelf, and not every project gets a ton of funding either. That doesn’t mean that it can not be turned into an application. You’d be surprised and what tools you likely already have your organization can do for you.

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Custom Solutions Built for You

We build a wide variety of solutions for our clients with all types of data and tools. 


Application Development

There is a point in time when you may need a app or system to capture data. This is what we do - we create. We build tools that capture quality data and build effective reports on that data, helping our clients make better informed decisions to move forward. 


Train & Build

This is for clients with skilled workers who are exploring building apps for their organization or for a process. In this type project we support the skills training needed up front to get the team designing, and then supporting the more complicated parts of the application that might take longer for someone just getting started. 

Data Services

We provide services for creating data systems, reporting and analysis. We use tools like Excel, SQL, PowerApps, PowerBI, Tableau, Crystal Reports, and others. 


Need Help With Your Data?

ThinkData creates customized solutions for companies of all sizes, tailored to what your team needs most.