What makes us different? We focus on skills and the application of those skills to solve problems. We write our own books. After years of working with hundreds of people, projects, and industry we care about people learning, and we will work with you to curate the correct training for your team.

Courses Offered
Training in person
million +
Asynchronous Learning

Corporate Training

We believe that one of the most valuable skill an employee offer their organization is the ability to solve problems working effectively with data. Our instructor-led courses teach how to wrangle unwieldy data into meaningful data sets to be used in impactful decision-making. We can even build a customized curriculum for your organization to kickstart your team’s “buy-in” with the tools.

Individual Training

Looking to upskill in data? We offer learning paths to jumpstart your career in data. We have single day courses that focus on a single tool and fast track bootcamps that build a foundational knowledge in data.


Want to learn more about the data analyst apprenticeship program? Interested in hiring a data analyst apprentice or becoming an apprentice? We’d love to tell you more!

Hire Us To Speak at Your Event

Are you looking for a speaker at your next event who can discuss data and why knowing how to work with data is a necessary skill for organizations in a modern digital age? We love to talk about data and we’d love to talk to you!

Need Help With Your Data?

ThinkData creates customized training solutions for companies of all sizes, tailored to what your team needs most.