Dennis Taylor Month

Celebrate Dennis Taylor Month

I met Dennis Taylor in San Francisco early in the year. Even though it was my first official meeting – I have known of him for years. To say I was star struck is an understatement. He doesn’t walk around like a star at all; he’s just what you’d hope– humble and awesome. I love that.

I am thankful that Dennis teaches #Excel. Even with shared techniques - I have shared his LinkedIn Learning Excel training for years to help students with the basics of Excel. You need these basics, and even advanced Excel skills to build a foundation in Excel. With this foundation then I know that they are prepared for the skills and techniques needed in Excel to be a data worker and a data analyst.

After the event, Dennis reached out to me and shared his shortcut list – this is when the idea to celebrate him was born. My team will be sharing my favorite shortcuts via ThinkData Solutions, Inc and highlighting the shortcuts that I truly use all the time. Please join in on the celebration...