ThinkData Bootcamps and Apprenticeship

ThinkData Bootcamps

Our ideal candidate is a professional (young or seasoned) that wants to seek guidance and direction in their data career. Do you want to learn more technical data skills? The best way to grow is by building the foundation. ThinkData Bootcamps do this with a mix of in person training, hands on data training and mentorship. For some it provides a network and a community that can help you get to the next level.

If this sounds like you, you might like our bootcamp. Let us know if you are interested in learning more – we would love to tell you more about it.

Not all bootcamps are created equal.

We know this after years of creating, instructing, managing, and supporting many bootcamps. It takes special skills to create a bootcamp that produces quality talent that is sought after by employers. We know that you, the learner, are serious about your next career step.

Technical Literacy

Students have demonstrated competencies that show they can plug into almost any business environment and know how to navigate servers, access cloud drives, load files securely, use chat features, send emails, create and manage a calendar. Students will understand the necessary skills to perform support on projects in a modern work environment.


Students have demonstrated competencies that show they can perform foundational tasks with data, have advanced Excel skills, and possess foundational data skills. If provided with a data set, they can create basic queries and create reports on it.


Students have demonstrated competencies that show they can perform deeper data cleaning and glean deeper insights from the data. They also have deeper visualization skills for exploratory analysis and dashboard building.

Included With Every Bootcamp:

Technical Professional Development

We believe just as deeply in the soft skills that are necessary to be effective with technology. We appreciate as people grow specialized in tech they learn so many things but at the core - the soft skills are the same, and actually include more over time. We implement professional development around the technical skills. 

Our approach is simple - we mix hard skills with the appropriate soft skills. 

Guided Experience and Mentorship

We know how challenging it can be to try to teach yourself into a new career. However, ThinkData's bootcamp might just be what you are looking for to get there.  This is a guided experience. This means not only do we train in live sessions, we also guide you through the whole process through an app developed by ThinkData's Development team. We also have data mentors who are with you all along the journey.

Assessment and Certification of Skills & Comptency

Throughout your bootcamp you will be assessed on your skills. This prepares you to prove competency. We have two ways of proving competency: through our individualized assessments and through successful certification. You will have plenty to talk about when you have the skills and industry recognized credentials. 

Everything is mapped to skills and competency.

We match our apprentices with their sponsors based on data that matches based on the competencies required of the role. We all three, ThinkDataSol, the learner, and the sponsor company work together to create a sustainable apprenticeship model for entry level professionals at your organization. 

Still not sure?

You may have questions like is data the right path for you? Is a bootcamp what you really want? If you are interested in exploring data further before making a commitment, you can explore the Microsoft Career Essentials Path in Data. It’s free.

Considering Apprenticeship?

There are two ways to participate in the apprenticeship program. We have outlined the basics below.

You can apply to be an data apprentice.
Once accepted into the program you will then begin with your training. During this training period we will work with you and a sponsor company to match you to an apprenticeship opportunity.  You are learning and earning. 

You can be a sponsor company that hires apprentices.

We believe that when you mix learning skills, with gain competency with a great employment opportunity that its one of the most necessary ways we can support the workforce.