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ThinkData Bootcamps

We are looking for professionals (new or experienced) who want to get advice and direction in their data career. Do you want to improve your technical data skills? The best way to improve is by building the foundation. ThinkData Bootcamps do this with a combination of in person training, practical data training and mentorship. If this appeals to you, and you want to find out more information - we would be happy to share more details with you.

Not all bootcamps are created equal.

Our experience in creating, teaching, running, and helping many bootcamps has taught us this: It requires special skills to make a bootcamp that produces quality talent that employers want to hire. 

Technical Literacy

Technical literacy is the ability to use digital tools and technologies effectively and efficiently in various contexts. It involves understanding the concepts and principles behind the functioning of these tools and technologies, as well as the skills and practices to apply them for various purposes. Technical literacy is essential for participating in the modern world, where digital devices and platforms are ubiquitous and constantly evolving.


Data literacy is the ability to read, understand, analyze, and communicate with data. It involves knowing how to access, manipulate, interpret, and visualize data, as well as how to draw insights and conclusions from it. Data literacy is important for making evidence-based decisions, solving problems, and discovering new opportunities in various domains. Data literacy is a subset of technical literacy, but also requires critical thinking and statistical reasoning skills.


Data fluency is the ability to use data effectively and confidently in various contexts and purposes. It involves not only data literacy, but also curiosity, creativity, and data communication. Data fluency is a higher-level skill that enables people to ask relevant questions, explore different possibilities, generate new insights, and share their findings with others in clear and compelling ways. Data fluency is important for innovation, collaboration, and impact in all industry.

Included With Every Bootcamp:

Technical Professional Development

We use a straightforward method - we combine technical skills with the relevant professional skills. We value the professional (soft) skills that are essential to work well with technology. We recognize that as people become more skilled in tech they acquire a lot of knowledge, but at the heart - the professional skills remain constant, and actually expand over time. We provide professional development around the technical skills and build professional skills and business acumen.


Guided Experience and Mentorship

We understand how hard it can be to learn new skills for a career change. But ThinkData's bootcamp could be the solution you need to achieve your goal. This is not a self-paced course. You get live training sessions. We have data mentors who support you throughout the journey. Our team will be with you to guide you through the entire process. 

Assessment and Certification of Skills & Comptency

During your bootcamp you will be evaluated on your skills. This helps you to demonstrate competency. We have two methods of demonstrating competency: through our personalized assessments and through successful certification. You will have a lot to showcase when you have the skills and industry recognized credentials.

Everything is mapped to skills and competency.

We match our apprentices with their sponsors based on data that matches based on the competencies required of the role. We all three, ThinkDataSol, the learner, and the sponsor company work together to create a sustainable apprenticeship model for entry level professionals at your organization. 

Is data the right path for you?

You may have questions like is data the right path for you? Is a bootcamp what you really want? If you are interested in exploring data further before making a commitment, you can explore the Microsoft Career Essentials Path in Data. It’s free.

Considering Apprenticeship?

We pair our apprentices with sponsors who need the skills and competencies that they have. ThinkDataSol, the learner, and the sponsor company collaborate to create a sustainable apprenticeship model for early data professionals at your organization. Initiative 

You can apply to be an data apprentice.
We will help you find an apprenticeship opportunity with a sponsor company that suits your skills and interests after acceptance into the program.

You can be a sponsor company that hires apprentices.

Our vision is to combine skill development, competency assessment, and employment opportunities to support the workforce.

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