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Our name really says it all. We want people to think data solutions. We love building apps that capture data. We love to take data and provide reporting. We know that there isn't software that exists for everything off the shelf, and we know that not every project gets a ton of funding either. That doesn’t mean that your idea can't still be turned into an application! You’d be surprised at what we can help you do with the tools you already have.

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Designing Data Capture Apps and Reporting for Complex Processes

Imagine what it feels like to watch 300 people lift their phones to take pictures of an application you designed to solve a problem. Lots of data for lots of different key pieces of information about an important principle for the organization. We can tell you all about it. Daniel Bishop recently lived this exact experience at the Lean Conference in New Orleans when our client Robins and Morton, and their experts on Lean Construction Jennifer Lacy and Christine Holcomb, presented the app designed for them to do exactly that across 100s of different jobsites and geographies. 

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Designing Data Capture Apps and Reporting for Public Health

We all know the impact COVID-19 had on the world and the changes it brought to everyday life. This has also been the case for data and data processes. We have been able to leverage our data knowledge and tools to support UAB School of Public Health stay in control of the data around COVID testing as well as processes around the support of long term care facilities. These application are still growing as more changes worldwide are refined around building necessary processes for widespread events like this in history.

LTC Strike Team

The Alabama Nursing Home and Long Term Care Facility Strike Team and Infrastructure Project (LTC Strike Team) was established to assist long-term care facilities during their response to SARS-CoV-2 infections and to build and maintain the infection prevention infrastructure necessary to support resident and staff safety in these facilities throughout the state of Alabama.

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COVID  Testing and Prevention

It’s critical that K-12 schools implement safety measures to keep schools open and to keep communities healthy and safe from COVID-19. For the second year, the UAB School of Public Health is collaborating with the Alabama Department of Public Health and the Alabama State Department of Education to offer weekly and voluntary asymptomatic COVID-19 testing on-site at Alabama’s K-12 schools to students, faculty, and staff.

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Designing Infrastructure, Data Capture and Reporting for Supply Chain

Another byproduct of the pandemic was the unexpected impact to the supply chain. Distribution companies that imported products for raw materials – everything from candle scents to chemicals needed to make tape – were facing severe challenges. We had begun the improvement to data infrastructure roughly a year before the world changed, so we were able to handle a lot of real-time changes as they happened and support insights into how to stabilize business, all while addressing data fluctuations as they occurred (new pricing, new surcharges, increased freight charges, etc.).

Building Reporting and Scorecards

We love supporting organizations like Fuller Supply Company, an 80+ year-old company that supports agricultural related products. They wanted to increase their reporting capabilities by leveraging data in their systems to give the sales team more knowledge about their customers and their purchases. With our first projects, we increased their data accuracy and visibility, allowing them to get more insights from the data and do more with it.


Supporting Early Childhood Research

Advancing access to education for children to get into quality early education is what Robin Hunt would consider something she will always regard in the category of “life’s work.” Supporting the growth of access for children by implementing quality options for families is important.  If we can use our technical gifts to bring data together across different systems and organizations and it increases access to early childhood education that its not only something we want to do it is something that must be done. We are proud that this project is now in its 8th year and serving 20k more children since 2015 when it started.

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The persistence of reading and math proficiency: the benefits of Alabama’s pre-kindergarten program endure in elementary and middle school

Preschool programs provide opportunities to improve early childhood educational outcomes as well as long-term outcomes, such as improved educational attainment, improved socioeconomic status, and improved health in adulthood. However, recent studies of long-term impacts have shown equivocal results, with some educational gains occurring immediately following participation in preschool that diminish or “fadeout” over time. The purpose of this study was to use multivariable linear regression and school fixed effects to determine the impact of Alabama’s First Class Pre-K (FCPK) program on reading and math proficiency. Read More


Cohorts and Counting

Magic City Data Collective

The Magic City Data Collective is a public-private partnership to help our community make better decisions. MCDC brings together local students, researchers, and data experts in project teams to provide the information that Birmingham leaders need to move the Magic City forward. And the best part? It creates a pipeline of students who are uniquely qualified for and excited about jobs in the data industry.

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Magic City Data Collective

Founded in 2016, Innovate Birmingham is a local nonprofit organization comprised of over 15 community partners and more than 30 employers that aims to train the next generation of aspiring tech professionals in the Central Alabama region. Meet the fast-growing demand for tech talent in the region.
Harness the potential of under- and unemployed residents in Central Alabama.

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