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We create customized training solutions in Excel, PowerBI, Power Query, Crystal Reports, Tableau, and more, tailored to what your company needs most.

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    Corporate Training

    We believe that one of the most valuable skills an employee can offer their organization is the ability to solve problems by working effectively with data. Our instructor-led courses teach how to wrangle unwieldy data into meaningful data sets to be used in impactful decision-making. We can even build a customized curriculum for your organization to kickstart your team’s “buy-in” with the tools.

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    Individual Training

    Looking to upskill in data? We offer learning paths to jumpstart your career in data. We have single day courses that focus on a single tool and fast track bootcamps that build a foundational knowledge in data.


Introduction to Career Skills in Data Analytics


Understanding the technical aspects is crucial, but your approach of highlighting the broader skill set required in a data-driven industry is truly commendable. The discussions on effective communication, problem-solving, and working collaboratively in a team have already begun to broaden my perspective on what it takes to succeed in this field.

- Daniel R., August, 2023

Introduction to Career Skills in Data Analytics

I love the fact that the instructor speaks with lots of authority and she is so to the point! Love her accent.

- Min J., July, 2023

Introduction to Career Skills in Data Analytics


The 'Introduction to Career Skills in Data Analytics' course on LinkedIn Learning is a great course for beginners. The engaging instructor's passion for data analytics and dynamic teaching style piqued my interested. This course excelled at providing clear explanations and breaking complex topics down into manageable parts. Emphasis is placed on practical relevance and demonstrated the use of data analytics in solving complex problems. Starts with the basics and slowly building on them, to make it accessible and enjoyable for newcomers. Overall, this was a highly recommended course that provided a solid foundation in data analytics.

- Monty N., July, 2023

Learning Data Analytics 2


This course gives a good overview of data analytics. Some of the advanced techniques are discussed. Highly recommended.

- Junayed P., April, 2023

Learning Data Analytics 2


Great tips along the way that have already improved my workflow. Really good explanations of topics that I have had difficulty conveying to management. Highly recommend for any data consumer.

- Patrick M., April, 2023

Learning Data Analytics 2


I've loved this content so far. It's super engaging, and exactly what I need to be learning. I have loved that the instructor goes over the challenges as if I hadn't done them, that way if I don't have the time I can still understand what was asked of me and how it was supposed to be done!

- Ashlynn W., August, 2022

Learning Data Analytics 1


I love the instructor's passion for data. Her explanations were clear and concise which makes it easy for anyone to understand and appreciate what data is about and how is it used daily.

- Armid H., August, 2023

Learning Data Analytics 1


This course is a game changer for anyone looking to get into Data Analytics. It's A LOT of information, but a great pace and with a great instructor! I'm more confident in my abilities to pursue Data Analytics now. Thanks so much Robin and LinkedIn!

- Neesa J., August, 2023

Learning Data Analytics 1


This is a very important skill necessary to survive in today's business environment. I will recommend this course to anyone that wants to create a sustainable impact in any business sector.

- Rajuno D., July, 2023

Access 2019: Building Dashboards for Excel


Very clear descriptions of functions and features. Good speaker!

- Rob H., May, 2021

Building Solutions Using Excel and Access 2019 Together


Good explanations, at the right level for someone already having a basic understanding of databases. The level of detail strikes a really good balance between too much and too little detail. Well done!

- Jason H., March, 2023

Building Solutions Using Excel and Access 2019 Together


Thank you so much, I really benefitted from this course and learned so much!

- Leah A., November, 2020

Building Solutions Using Excel and Access 2019 Together

Great for beginners and as a refresher course if you have not used for a long period of time.

- John M., June, 2023

Excel: Data Validation in Depth


Very informative and practical lecture. Highly recommended.

- Kenneth O., May, 2023

The Data Skills Survival Kit


Great content, highly relevant for what I'm doing currently in my role in Ecommerce. Great examples and easy to follow. I will be able to add what I've learned immediately to improve my productivity and manage my data more efficiently and effectively.

- Adam C., March, 2023

The Data Skills Survival Kit

I have learned Power BI and Excel tips while taking the course, definitely will recommend to other learners.

- Thanh P., February, 2023

The Data Skills Survival Kit


Great! Simple to follow and very useful content.

- Mandeep A., April, 2023

The Data Skills Survival Kit


Very insightful and easy to relate data sets.

- Deborrah P., April, 2023

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Custom Solutions Custom Software Development

We provide options that make any solution and budget work together. From database development to custom software applications, our experts can build the tools your company needs to succeed.

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Design Custom Apps

We create tools that are designed to capture quality data and build effective reports and dashboards. Helping our clients be data-informed about their business and operations is one of our favorite things to work on as a team.

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Content Development

We have developed custom training for our clients as a core part of our business for years. We work with your team to craft meaningful training for different projects. Our goal is for our clients to increase their data skills.

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Data Services

We provide services for creating reports and analysis. We love working on different projects, from a simple process to a complex scenario and use a myriad of tools including Excel, SQL, Power Apps, Power BI, Tableau, and Crystal Reports.

Solve Business Problems With Data

We are experts at delivering business outcomes through our custom data solutions.

Inaccurate Reporting

Tired of constantly questioning if the data you are using is correct? You want to be confident in it, but you see it’s a little off. We can validate your data by digging into the reports.

Need More Reporting

You need more reporting, but your team is already working at capacity. We can help by working with you to identify what reports you need and building those for you.

Disparate Systems

We hear it all the time, “The data is in different systems so it can’t be tied together for reporting.” Not so! We love bringing data together into unified data systems. There are always options.

New Process

New processes, and even some old ones, have so much data in them and trying to make sense of it can be daunting. We can show you tools that will help.

Complex Problems, Custom Solutions Consulting

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Apprenticeship Program Development

Need help in starting a data analyst apprenticeship program? We can help you launch a successful solution that can fill in the skills gap and build a sustainable talent pipeline of data professionals.

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Solution Advising & Consulting

With so many different tools out there, how can you know which one you really need? Just ask us! We specialize in doing a pulse check of your data needs and build solutions using tools you already have.

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Are you looking for a speaker at your next event who can discuss data and why knowing how to work with data is a necessary skill for organizations in a modern digital age? We love to talk about data and we’d love to talk to you!

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