Modify the Compitia datasys+ logo for Data Systems+ brand.

“ThinkData CEO Robin E. Hunt and COO Daniel Bishop partnered with Todd Miranda to co-author The Official DataSys+ Study Guide. This guide has been designed from the ground up to help you learn and master the material in your certification exam.” BIRMINGHAM, AL – CompTIA, the nonprofit association for the information technology (IT) industry and…

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2023 Business Analysis Connection Day

Join us at the 2023 Business Analysis Connection Day for an immersive day of networking and knowledge-sharing with industry experts.

Business Analysis Connection Day is the IIBA Birmingham Chapter’s annual professional development conference. We will offer three tracks, each with three sessions. As this is a virtual event, attendees can switch between sessions at any time.This event will be recorded, so even if you miss a session, you will be able to access the recordings…

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Building paginated reports in Power BI

A screenshot of the Power BI service page showcasing building paginated reports.

Building paginated reports in Power BI Learn how to quickly build basic paginated reports using PowerBI Report Builder. Learn How To Make Paginated Reports In Power BI The Data Skills Survival Kit Series If you’re a data analyst, you’ve no doubt learned different skills, techniques, and tools pertaining to data. But sometimes it can be…

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DFU: People Analytics

Unpacking the fundamentals of people analytics data.

***For best viewing experience log in to LinkedIn*** August 9, 2023 – We sure did miss having Gini on this episode, having Dr. Huang on was such a treat! The way she sees things is phenomenal- our talk in this episode includes career trajectories, the importance of gauging skills accurately, and high-potential, employee training programs.…

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View Details for 2023 National Cyber Summit

The 2023 National Cyber Summit logo.

National Cyber Summit This national event offers innovative opportunities in education, collaboration, workforce development in security technology for industry leaders. Buy your tickets early, this busy event is in high demand!Robin Hunt taught ThinkData One Day Preview in CompTIA Data+ in 2022 and is looking forward to offering it again in 2023.Not sure what Data+…

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