Understanding and Building SQL Queries

Understanding and Building SQL Queries

In this course, you don’t need to grasp the entire universe of SQL to master writing great queries. We’ll guide you on a journey towards understanding and confidently building queries. Join us on this course as we break down the complexities of SQL into manageable steps, empowering you to write exceptional queries and unlock the potential of your data.

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Yes, they are recommended only, and nothing is required for this course.

We will say that for some it will enhance the experience to explore some of the recommendations before your session.

The benefit to you is that it will confirm you have the general understanding to get the most of this course.


You need to know at least generally about SQL and what it is about. You can explore all kinds of marketing videos that talk about what SQL Databases can do for a business. 

This course really breaks down into the three major categories.

  • Understanding the basics of how to navigate a SQL database and writing basic query statements.
  • Understanding how to write basic query statements that include functions like case statements, and aggregated data sets.
  • Understanding how to write queries that include multiple tables and join types.

This course is designed for the beginner in SQL, and people that are less than 6 months in to SQL can likely benefit from this course. 

We focus on Microsoft Technologies, however what is learned in this course can be translated into other SQL based tools.

You can download a copy of Microsoft SQL Server Express (it's free) and also Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (also free) and have everything you need for this course.

If you have more questions on this, please contact us.

Let us help you build confidence in writing SQL queries, starting with basic statements and progressing to more complex logic. We explore how to navigate SQL databases, how to use Views, and how to apply Case statements. Our aim is to help you become proficient enough in SQL to be able to make use of SQL in your own data manipulation and analysis tasks.

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Unlock the full potential of your data with our comprehensive SQL course. Learn both basic and advanced techniques, like math functions, data aggregations, and querying multiple tables at once. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to add highly versatile SQL skills to their data toolbelt before they go on to learn more about the many, many more focused tools that make use of SQL.

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Understanding and Building SQL Queries

What You Will Learn In This Course Basic Statements Selecting a whole table Selecting only certain rows from a table Creating simple queries Views Finding and using Views How and Why we create Views Querying ...