Normalizing data to achieve a data design

Data on a single topic is normalized in a separate table, which other tables reference.

Normalizing data to achieve a data design Normalizing data is typically the skill of a database designer, but when you are an analyst, you design data sets. No keys on how to break data to normalized sets can help you build better data sets for analysis and visualization. Learn How To Work With Full Outer…

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DFU: Finding portfolio building work

Unlocking data fundamentals for portfolio building opportunities.

***For best viewing experience log in to LinkedIn*** March 13, 2023 – A portfolio is a valuable way to demonstrate your skills to potential clients and employers- do you have one? Should you? The team goes over challenge work, portfolios, and the ways we share our abilities with others. This episode is a great watch…

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Working with full outer joins

A screen shot of a window showing the settings for Microsoft Outlook and working with full outer joins.

Working with full outer joins Often times we find as data workers we are trying to determine what is on two data sets. We want to see everything that matches or doesn’t match from two data sets. This is where a full outer join can provide valuable insight into your data. Learn How To Work…

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