Individual Training

We believe that when you seek training for yourself to grow your skills - that you are making an investment into yourself, and we are for it. We do know that not everyone has the same style, ideas or plan.

Please explore the various options we recommend all the time.

Career Essentials Certificates 

CompTIA Data + Training

You could say we wrote the book on Data + and that's true because we actually did write the book. We are proud of the content created for the Official Curriculum for the first certification of its kind. We have tons of options for you to explore. Read Announcement | Read About Exam

ThinkData Bootcamps and Apprenticeships

We have been building bootcamps for two decades. We know more than a few things about what makes a bootcamp successful. If you are seeking a bootcamp, we'd love to tell you about ours, and see if its a fit. We have options for almost every seeker from self pay options to scholarship opportunities. 

ThinkData Courses

Our clients can occasionally need a course offered but only need it for 1 or 2 people.  If we have enough demand then we offer a public course. This allows us open our custom crafted courses to more people. If you want to learn more about how to attend a course like this then just send us note.